Behind The Bench origin story

High above Madison Square Garden, at a NY Knicks conference table, the Behind The Bench story began. The year was 2004 and in a pitch to the Knicks on sponsoring a popular youth basketball tournament, Behind The Bench was conceived as an educational program to compliment the tournament and seal their interest. 

The idea for Behind The Bench was to build upon the NBA’s longstanding Read to Achieve program by developing a program to allow young people to build their communication skills through an experiential program where they would cover a youth basketball tournament and report on the action by writing a press release, report on the sideline with a videographer and take photos. Besides communications skill development, the additional goal was to expose the next generation of young people to sports related careers.

The Knicks executives loved our vision and agreed to sponsor. Behind The Bench launched and was a success but scaling the idea was not possible technologically. A couple of years later, the world changed with the creation of the smartphone and while others imitated our goal to provide sports content creators with the tools to cover youth sports, we realized our mission is still relevant and necessary. 

Our vision for Behind The Bench is to become a network of sports content creators and empower the next generation. We hope you will join us on this journey called Behind The Bench.